Meet Matt
Matt Haupert is a Carlsbad-based singer-songwriter originally from La Crosse, WI.

The son of a classical pianist, Matt grew up surrounded by music, and it quickly became his passion. He formed his first "band" with his sister and cousins as a 10-year-old kid, performing original masterpieces like "The Potty Training Song" and "Crocodile Pants" for an audience of grandparents, aunts and uncles under the moniker "Da Ratz."

Matt went on to earn a BFA in Acting and BA in English from Drake University and an MA in Urban Education from Loyola Marymount University.

Today, Matt works as a Humanities teacher at High Tech High North County in San Marcos, CA. In his spare time, he writes and records music, records a weekly sports podcast, and performs in plays and musicals.

Walker Ave [EP], his debut album, is available for free streaming and download ​at matthaupert.com
Meet Claire
Walker Ave [EP] would not have been possible without the incredible musical talents of Claire Kimbel.

Claire wrote and recorded the electric guitar and bass tracks for "Too Good To Be True," recorded the acoustic guitar and bass tracks for "Give It Back," and recorded acoustic guitar and backup vocals - consisting of her own original harmonies - for "Hey Little Girl." She also added invaluable musical insights throughout the entire production of the album.

To hear more of Claire's incredible work, check out her YouTube channel here .
Meet Payton
Payton Sterba is a musician and psychiatrist from La Crosse, WI, currently completing his medical residency in Portland, OR. A master of multiple instruments, experienced songwriter, and expert in audio production, Payton provided rigorous feedback on each of the five tracks on Walker Ave [EP] and played an active role in the entire process.

Payton's breadth of knowledge about both the musical and technical aspects of producing an album were critical resources, and the final product could not have been achieved without him.